30 April 2006

"What does this man do on 1:17 AM"?

Interesting subject isn't it? Ever think something like that when you work late and you found yourself asking this kind of question? Is it somekind of joke? Irony? Self consciousness over something that hog your life? Everybody has an answer, I believe that and you too gotta believe that you can answer it.

So, let's assume someone (or probably me) asks something like that to me... I have many different answers that I can freely pick:

1. I just finished watching "Fight Club" in local TV. I found this movie rather interesting at the beginning, pretty amusing in the middle and so confusing in the end. A man punch himself, even shoot himself? He finally realized that he suffers somekind of chronic double personality problem. Holy shit.... And let me ask you something, Edward Norton...has twin brother played by Brad Pitt, what do you think? This isn't double personality anymore, I call this almost perfect split personality.

But anyway, I got the message, that is "...sometimes you just have to let it go AS IS...". This simple rule is somehow abandoned by modern human. We're just so fucked up by fancy clothes, expensive furniture, elite cars and other stuffs, but we ignore our basic needs. Deep beneath us, you are screaming...looking for this "basic needs", is the fun part, you can't. Why? Why? Simple, because you "just don't let it go AS IS". "Shit, tell me the reason right now or I'll blow your mouth!". Don't waste your time, that won't work. Just ask yourself why....

2. Work here and there. Yeah, I got great news for your my dear readers. My article has been published on Dr Dobbs Journal. "Congratulations man", thank you. I also made myself proud to lurk into Linux Forums early this April. "shit man, you never stop, do you?" No, I am not :) Who the hell you think so you can give me orders?

Now, I begin to prepare another two articles, one will be co-authored with a PhD student from China. Now this what I call "international business", you type something, someone from the other side of the globe read it and add something, over and over....and wallaaaa, an article is ready :) No, this isn't a magic. It is called "creative work", a work that truly depends on how good your brain do the work. Your brain is in good shape? Then you will produce an excellent idea. In bad shape? Then you will produce crap. Always creates crap? Then you're doomed. Pack your stuffs and move to the cemetary... there, you don't need to use brain, you just need to confess your sin and hope you don't get burned in hell :)

3. I want to talk with The Devil. No, not with that lowly devil, I shoot for the big one. Yeah, who else, with the great Lucifer itself. In fact, I do have an imaginary chat session with Lucifer

Lucifer: Knock knock, big boy ;)
me: Oh damn, here you are. Welcome...
Lucifer: Still serving Him?
me: Do I have other choice?
Lucifer: Shit man, you have OTHER choice...just follow me...
me: sounds good, what do you offer, anyway?
Lucifer: You ask me what I will offer? Don't you know that I offer this whole world to Jesus when I met Him on the desert?
me: Ah yes, you offer Him this world. Same thing you want to offer now?
Lucifer: Of course, what else do you want?
me: No, thanks. This world is just full with lies. I can't handle a bag of lies, and want to hand me a "globeful" of lies? That ruins my day...
Lucifer: Smart answer, johny boy. OK, I must go now, catch you later...
me: yeah, don't forget to close the door, will you..?
Lucifer: Which door? Oh yeah, that "door", the door between human and its dark side. I'll just leave it open, so I can sneak it anytime..
me: whatever....

4. Thinking about girls. Don't think dirty, ok? I think it is normal, male think about sex in every hour of his life, so it's like a second nature :) An ideal girl is like combination of Jessica Alba + Shakira + Beyonce Knowles + Zhang Zi Yi, put them together inside a body and you won't blink even slight second looking this female :)) Woohoo ....

5. I think I need to plan for another cinema visit. "Ultraviolet" is now playing in cinemas and it is directed by Kurt Wimmer, same guy who directed "Equilibrium", one of my all time favourite movie. I read that Kurt invents another style of fight. That must be good, because he did the same thing and invents Gun Kata. Another interesting thing is, Mila Jovovich is the leading actress. I don't know why Kurt pick her but I heard Kurt wrote the script to suit Mila's character. Either Mila is so charming or Mila is a potential actress, I dunno.. Let's find out once I watch it.

So, that's it my friend, 5 possible answers I might give you when you ask what I do on 1:17 AM. Maybe I give you one answer, two, three or five, nobody knows. It is called randomness, enthrophy, chaos. You can't predict my mine, I can't predict yours, so we are both in a complex random situation...

I must end this before you get heart attack...ciao.....