19 July 2010

Exercising my mind differently (not an "Inception" copy, guys...)

While lurking on World Wide Web (a fancy and elegant way to say "I have nothing to do, so I kill time by putting my ass on a chair and look at the monitor like plain dumb ass :)" ) I saw a picture displayed that depicting an old lady. But, it asks, "do you see a young lady?". Nice eh?

At a glance, I recall that once I already solved this, but I forgot the way I did it. And I also recall, I can't see it under split second. Thus it reveals one thing for me: I am a focused man...but probably too focusing on something.

So I start to see "in big picture". I try to shift my, cheek, nose, all over the spots. I imagine those points as my "center of thought". And whaaalaaa, got it. I see young lady, when I shift my focus to the cheek and also "rotate" my mind thus here you are: a young lady turning her head to right.

NB: Can't tell where I get this quiz, so Google is your friend fellah.

NB2 : Inception is damn great movie, pal....move your ass and see it on cinemas right now! :) it will blow your mind and make you easier to explain to gals why you frequently dream as porn star rather than a nice boy ... :D

PS: I put Buddha Gautama words a bit fancier "when you think awful, you'll see the world as a plain shit garbage, but when you think calmly and straight, you shall see its wonders and miracles". Something to thought about....