25 October 2005

Jokes from IRC world..... :)

Dear readers :)

As you know, anything can be found in IRC. Serious talk, jokes, sex, politics, religion, anything you can spell between A and Z, it's all there :)

For me, IRC is like a virtual pub or cafe. I meet new people there, discuss computer stuff, brain storming, or simply just sit and do nothing...hahaha :)

two days, I visited #qemu channel on This channel is the place to talk about Qemu, an open source emulator. I usually visit this channel to hear about latest issues, recent development or helping some folks with installation/runtime problem.

You think this channel is full with geek who can only code? Check this out :) it's a fragment of my qemu channel's log. filip2307 is Filip Navara, my remote friend from Czech republic..and malc...I dunno where he comes from :) The_hydra is /me FYI ( a bit scary nick name, eh?). Both malc and filip are frequent contributor for Qemu project. One word to describe them: GENIUS!

filip2307: geez ... who have invented the "hugetlbfs" name?! it's almost as readable as random letters...
the_hydra: hehe
the_hydra: =))
*** h7-25 has left #qemu
malc_: filip2307: you are spoiled by win32api with imaginative names like ntqueryprocessinformationtokenmyass..

I don't know if malc is just trying to put some laugh or he is just frustated with WinAPI naming :) Seems it is the latter one :)))))

Another funny quote:
filip2307 has quit IRC ("There are three important things in man's life: His birth, his first love and the day when he tastes cheesecake..")

Too bad it was a bit late to ask Filip, why the hell tasting cheesecake is so important? :)) I agree about first love, but cheesecake? Come on......

And last, I showed Filip my blog and he said (I rewrite this purely from my volatile RAM inside my brain, so surely something is different than the original on)

"Wow, I never saw so many "gw". Indonesian word is funny"

He thought, "gw" here is "gateway". After I told him it means "me", he began to scratch his head :)))

Keep the jokes coming makes our live colourful :)




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