15 November 2010

What relationship really is? (no craps, no bulls, just reality)...

I got really nice advice today...opening up my mind about what the relationship really is:

I think that you need to evaluate that very carefully. If you argue, but the underlying premise is always that you care about each other and respect each other, that's fine. But if the arguments ever turn vicious or ugly, and end up with one of you feeling like a loser... that's a pretty bad sign.

I like to think of "good" arguments as "you and me against a problem" and bad arguments as "you and me against each other"

NB: It's Ben Okopnik of Linux Gazette who said that...thanks Ben...really..from the bottom of my heart...


Mulyadi Santosa

01 November 2010

Installing Microsoft True Type fonts in Linux....

Recently I got my hand dirty again on reconfiguring my notebook. One of the thing that I did was installing Microsoft True Type Fonts inside Linux. Simply follow the directions written in http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/.

The only problem lies in the fact that the spec file use somewhat wrong download URL. So, to solve that, I made a trivial patch to adjust the spec file here.

Just put the spec file and the patch at the same directory and do:

patch  < patch.txt

Replace "patch.txt" with the actual name of the downloaded patch file name. That should do it :)



07 October 2010

Online discussion about what /proc/meminfo is....

Everybody has ever seen the file /proc/meminfo, right? Great, but quite likely few of you really know the meaning of each fields there.

So, to help you understand those fields, I have given short lecture (and question/answer too) about it in #ubuntu-classroom in irc.freenode.net server. It was held in October 6th 2010, 21:00 GMT+7. Yeah, it is past already, but fortunately you can read the chat log here (note: the_hydra is me):

Feel free to stop by and read it. Have feedback? Let me know at my usual contact addresses and I shall reply as soon as possible.



08 September 2010

Open Letter to the President of Indonesia

Kepada Yth Presiden RI Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, hendaknya bapak berkaca bahwa kritikan dari seorang Kolonel AU aktif, menandakan ada suatu ketidakpuasan level akut, tidak hanya di jajaran militer, namun pada sebagian rakyat Indonesia.

Bapak Presiden, selaku Presiden terpilih dengan suara mayoritas ~ 60% saat pemilu 2009, seyogyanya memperhatikan hal ini sebagai masukan positif dan memperbaiki pola kepemimpinan yang sedang Bapak jalankan.

Alam demokrasi yang sedang bertumbuh, memungkinkan rakyat memberi masukan langsung pada Bapak, tidak lagi selalu lewat kanal2x politik formal yang lebih banyak tersumbat.

Saya percaya, Bapak sebagai seorang terpelajar dengan gelar Doktor, mampu menganalisa hal ini dengan seksama dan sistematis, serta cepat tanggap mengambil langkah-langkah strategis dan terukur guna membenahi lini-lini pemerintahan yang masih belum beres.

Adapun yang saya juga harapkan adalah, Bapak bisa lebih intens mengefektifkan komunikasi dengan rakyat. Dengan demikian, syak praduga WNI bisa terkikis dengan sendirinya karena rakyat jadi tahu persis rencana2x kepemimpinan Bapak.

Kiranya Bapak juga menyadari, dalam aspek-aspek tertentu, Indonesia sudah mengalami kemerosotan yang tajam di berbagai aspek ketata negaraan. Diperlukan suatu strong leadership dari Bapak selaku presiden, juga kemampuan mengajak segala elemen bangsa untuk bersama-sama membangun. Bapak juga harus tegas, saya ulangi, TEGAS, memberi hukuman sesuai perundangan yang berlaku, pada siapapun yang mengacaukan negara ini, tanpa pandang asal usulnya.

Semoga negara ini selalu dalam lindungan Tuhan YME dan dilimpahkan rahmat agar menjadi bangsa yang bermartabat.

dari seorang warga negara yang prihatin....

25 August 2010

Solved: Pidgin 2.7.2 unable to connect to GTalk...

Credits to Ubuntu Forums:

You experienced same issue like me? OK here's what you should do:
  1. First, open your GTalk account preference. Head to "Basic" tab and write "gmail.com" in "Domain" field. Make sure the protocol is XMPP.
  2. Switch to Advanced tab. Select "Force old (port 5223) SSL"
  3. Make sure the following fields are written this way:
  • Connect port: 443
  • Connect Server: talk.google.com
  • File Transfer proxies: proxy.eu.jabber.org
Save and reconnect...that should do it people.....if not...let me know and let's find the solution together :D


Mulyadi Santosa

20 August 2010

01 August 2010

Difficult to understand the content of /proc/meminfo? Read issue 39 of Full Circle Magazine!

As the title says, this time, I am back with an article that explains about each fields shown in /proc/meminfo. Curious to read it? Just point your browser to http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-39/ , download it and start reading :)

I humbly welcome your critics and feedback.... just email me or write it as comment here....

19 July 2010

Exercising my mind differently (not an "Inception" copy, guys...)

While lurking on World Wide Web (a fancy and elegant way to say "I have nothing to do, so I kill time by putting my ass on a chair and look at the monitor like plain dumb ass :)" ) I saw a picture displayed that depicting an old lady. But, it asks, "do you see a young lady?". Nice eh?

At a glance, I recall that once I already solved this, but I forgot the way I did it. And I also recall, I can't see it under split second. Thus it reveals one thing for me: I am a focused man...but probably too focusing on something.

So I start to see "in big picture". I try to shift my focus...hair, cheek, nose, all over the spots. I imagine those points as my "center of thought". And whaaalaaa, got it. I see young lady, when I shift my focus to the cheek and also "rotate" my mind thus here you are: a young lady turning her head to right.

NB: Can't tell where I get this quiz, so Google is your friend fellah.

NB2 : Inception is damn great movie, pal....move your ass and see it on cinemas right now! :) it will blow your mind and make you easier to explain to gals why you frequently dream as porn star rather than a nice boy ... :D

PS: I put Buddha Gautama words a bit fancier "when you think awful, you'll see the world as a plain shit garbage, but when you think calmly and straight, you shall see its wonders and miracles". Something to thought about....

17 January 2010

grep [s]tring anyone?

This is another grep's adventure. It started from a thought: "is there a simple way so that when I grep for something, let's say ps output, grep itself isn't shown there?"

My usual recipe is like below:

$ ps auxw | grep httpd | grep -v grep

But recently I found a neat trick:

$ ps auxw | grep [h]ttpd

Why is that working? Imagine that in the previous command , "ps auxw" would output these two lines among others:

mulyadi 30632 0.0 0.0 5852 1516 pts/8 Ss+ Jan09 0:00 httpd
mulyadi 30950 0.0 0.0 5852 1420 pts/9 Ss+ Jan07 0:00 grep httpd 

When you find for httpd, of course both of them will be caught because both of them has "httpd" string. The situation change for the 2nd command:

mulyadi 30632 0.0 0.0 5852 1516 pts/8 Ss+ Jan09 0:00 httpd
mulyadi 30950 0.0 0.0 5852 1420 pts/9 Ss+ Jan07 0:00 grep [h]ttpd

'What, how come?" you say? Recall you invoke "grep [h]ttpd", right? So, that's what displayed in ps. But grep interpret this regular expression differently. It means "I search for httpd", not "[h]ttpd". Everything enclosed in [] is something to search for, unless the "[" or "]" is escaped.

Clever trick I would say.... took me a while to understand it.

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