15 November 2010

What relationship really is? (no craps, no bulls, just reality)...

I got really nice advice today...opening up my mind about what the relationship really is:

I think that you need to evaluate that very carefully. If you argue, but the underlying premise is always that you care about each other and respect each other, that's fine. But if the arguments ever turn vicious or ugly, and end up with one of you feeling like a loser... that's a pretty bad sign.

I like to think of "good" arguments as "you and me against a problem" and bad arguments as "you and me against each other"

NB: It's Ben Okopnik of Linux Gazette who said that...thanks Ben...really..from the bottom of my heart...


Mulyadi Santosa

01 November 2010

Installing Microsoft True Type fonts in Linux....

Recently I got my hand dirty again on reconfiguring my notebook. One of the thing that I did was installing Microsoft True Type Fonts inside Linux. Simply follow the directions written in http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/.

The only problem lies in the fact that the spec file use somewhat wrong download URL. So, to solve that, I made a trivial patch to adjust the spec file here.

Just put the spec file and the patch at the same directory and do:

patch  < patch.txt

Replace "patch.txt" with the actual name of the downloaded patch file name. That should do it :)



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