02 March 2011

My writing about filesystem in DataCenter Magazine 2/2011 issue

First of all, I thank God for the opportunity and trust He had given to me. Without His bless, I can't complete this article quick enough but still in good quality.

In 2/2011 issue of Data Center Magazine, I contribute an article that discusses about what filesystem really is, understanding several basic properties of filesystems and probably the most important one: how to choose the optimal filesystem for certain workload.

I welcome you to download, read and give me constructive feedback. As I am far from top notch technical writer level, feedback would allow me to enhance the quality and at the same time correct any possible errors.

PS: I owe a lot to Greg Freemyer for his inputs and critics on the early draft. He's one of the best file system expert I ever met!


Mulyadi Santosa.

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