08 November 2004

Back to home.....continuing my journey....

November 8th, 2004, 9 AM, i stepped back into my home at Porong. After spending
2 and a half month on bandung, I decide "ok, this is it. This is the ending, i can't
hold any longer". Luckily, my "stunt in", Rachman, had been prepared to take over
my job. Several pieces of new multithread engine for calculation/render engine, improved timer function based on native WinAPIs and save/reply engine. Except the timer functions, everything is still on beta stage. I can't push them further into mature stage because multithread engine must "wait" for stable stage of object design. This isn't a must, but IMO to lessen the "dependency hell", i decide to put multi thread engine "on hold".

But, this doesn't mean there won't be any progress. My instruction (to Rahman) is clear, "put concentration on OOP first, make thread engine 2nd priority. There won't be any thread engine if OOP design is crippled !"

The train was quite crowded last night. Looks like everyone want to celebrate "lebaran" at hometown together with their family. Same rule apply to me, although I am not Moslem. But.....gee....I really hate to say it.....ahh, i don't give a damn care ....yes, I am quite frustated by one thing...GIRL! A man who dare to challenge one of toughest Israeli's scientist and CTO of IT company, can't resolve his problem with girl ! yes, that poor man is me !

" Me, me, me and me".....God damn it ! Shit, i push both of my brain to work
on it...but still no way out. I use every logical reasoning, problem solving technique, etc etc....even trial and error....but I still can't break this puzzle ! R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N ! Let God curse me, but sometimes I feel religion is no more than social barrier rather than "God's word to teach mankind into salvation".

"Why, why, why do I have to meet her?"

Or better question maybe (worst in sick logic) "why the hell, God put me and her into
same time and place dimension that time?" She came across the bookstore room, I look at her, the chemistry is fired...and......

OK, let me put that aside. Deep inside this "logic", I still have feeling to her. Now, my focus is...working on my article (co-authored with my friend, Andreas Schaefer) toward IBM DeveloperWorks. The topic is about coLinux and openMosix integration on Windows platform. This will be a breakthrough to integrate Windows-based PC into Linux based openMosix cluster. In earlier time, the only way to achieve it is via running openMosix-Linux kernel inside VMWare.

But considering the "overburden effect" of VMware, the developers is still looking for alternative answer. Luckily, coLinux arises ! And to add another luck, the editor welcomes my idea and give positive critics and comment ! What a luck. Now, it depends on me to finish it the best I can

Too much I have be continued guys...


Mulyadi "The Hydra" Santosa