01 March 2005

"You won't truly know someone until you fight them...."

The above quote comes from a movie titled Matrix reloaded. For those
who don't know what Matrix is or really don't have any clue on what it
is, I will explain it a bit. Matrix is a sci-fi movie describing about
human race live under computer control. These humans are grown on
a very very large field. Yes, grown, not born. And computer (or let's
just say robot with superb Artificial Intelligent) are sucking the electricity
generated by human body. Well, using a lowly physics, you will realize that
human body do generates electricity....

And when actually the words come out? Recall when Neo visits Seraph on
tea depot. Seraph is the guardian of Oracle and he is the one who in charge
on allowing or forbidding someone to meet Oracle, or destroy anyone
who want to harm Oracle. So, Neo visit Seraph in hope to guide him and show
where Oracle is. Right at the time Neo meet Seraph, Neo ask Seraph to
guide him....and Seraph reply "I can take you to her, but first I must apologize.."
And then...whamm, a kungfu fight is started. The fight lasts in about 5 minute
and Seraph give signal to stop a fight.

Seraph said "I need to be sure that you are actually The One" Neo replied
" You could just ask..". And Seraph (here it comes, my favourite quite) said
"No, you won't truly someone until you fight them"...

So, what is the moral of the story? try to teach you about brutality? Or introducing
new concept that fighting is a brilliant way to get familiar with someone?
Not at all. Here is my understanding. Sometimes we are in deep need to know
someone, right? I mean, yeah, you try to understand his/her mind, try to
hook up with a girl, convince yourself that he or she is the right team mate
on your office and so on. In short, kinda of close relationship. If you are
a sane man, you obviously need to know him/her better, because..if not,
bad thing can happen sooner or later. Man is not a paper with clear bold character
printed on top of it so you can easily understand him thoroughly

recently, I also have similar problems. I thought I truly know some of
my friends...and yes, silly me, the great news is I don't know them entirely.
But accidentally, problems are coming one by one. Through the problems,
I can understand my friends better and perhaps they can understand me better either.
Some of the cases reveals the unseen bright side, but the rest reveals the bad side.
And thank God, by this experience I can learn a lot about them.

The conclusion is: dont underestimate the positive effect of suffering problems
related with someone. Maybe it can make the relationship better...but also
prepare for the worst. sometimes you need to introduce a competition, a debate
, even a fight (if you have to, but think twice okay?) to test your friendship.
If you can go through, both grow...if not, well..don't be sad.
Bad things happen sometimes. Either good or bad, you will gain precious lessons.

"everything has purpose...purpose defines us"


parsifal said...

Great post!! Thanks! :-)


pipen said...

exactly what I understood as well, appreciate you take the time to write it!

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

There are no purposes. There are no reasons... There is just NOTHINGNESS.... And the very Fear of that NOTHINGNESS is the source of all Dogmas, Ideas, Philosophies & even You & Him & Me.... Because in the end, There is just NOTHING.... Where is anything? The Quote has no meaning except to create a channel for philosophical thought. BE THAT NOTHINGNESS & SEE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE.... Who is there to fight against if everything including Yourself I'd NOTHING? Perhaps NOTHING Fights against itself.....