07 January 2005

A (late) new year

Here we comes folks, year 2005 ! We left behind all the thing we have done, may it be good or bad...all are past, and, we start a new life !

For me 2004 was a great, confusing (or more precisely, frustating), fun and sad year. We call something like this as "gado-gado" or "nano-nano". If you don't understand what I mean, just consider "nano-nano" as a candy with many taste, sweet, salty, sour, every taste you can imagine...all in a candy :))

My great achievement was entering and, something that several person think is an insane target for entry level writer like me, especially from a country that is considered "underdog" by America and Europe (do I need to mention Israel too?). Another important point (but sadly, "not being handled properly") was my participation in Indonesian Air Force and Indonesian Army project. I did several contributions there, and two noticeable remarks are computer-based voice communication and new prototype of multi threading and scheduling code. And the very good news was, I could pass over my knowledge to my replacement programmer (who is the one I chose and recommend personally). The plan was not so smooth as expected before, but generally everything is still on control.

Last year, I also made up into Delft University, The Netherlands. I was accepted in Parallel and Distributed specialization on Master of Science. But unluckily, I got no scholarship. So, I simply dropped the re-registration toward Delft. Was I dissapointed? To be honest, yes. But was it blocking my way? Hell no. I tell myself "you already prove that you are eligible to enter Delft. So next time, you just need to increase your lucky factor on scholarship". Plain and simple.

And what was the most "itchy" thing? Here it comes... Ever read about a story....Indonesian people versus Israeli people? Well, if you think it only happens on comic book or some "blown up" news in a newspaper, then I must be the first person that started "almost frontal" confrontation with an Israeli. This guy is...pardon me, a complete jerk covered with a cloak of businessman and scientist. At first, I thought he already have better paradigm on how to socialize and manage openMosix project...but I was wrong. Not only he was continously spitting some buffed-up words, he also consider himself as " a guy with top rated brain so other must bow and agree to him".

Shit, what a mess.... So, after we did flaming toward each other, I simply decided to walk out of openMosix community and put off all my concern toward every kind of openMosix' development. And I mark Moshe as #1 personal enemy....I believe someday....I will do a competition with him head to head...and at that time, we will see who has "top rated brain"....person from God blessed country? or an adventurer from Indonesia who has nothing than "bonek" spirit...we'll see.

So, what do I expect in 2005? Basically
a. Better achievement on writing. I will develop myself to achieve top rank writers

b. See what I can do on non IT business. Sorry, can explain more about it...

c. Get a girl :)) Seriously, I think I had some improvement on this skill, so why not look for another girl this year? one girl? two? who knows....Maybe for serious relation, maybe just for fun? or maybe for one night stand? i hope the last probability won't happen, but what should I do if it happens? well, maybe i will loosen up a bit and enjoy the show :))) what's wrong with it anyway?

d. Write a this what I call "a struggle". Writing a 12 page article about clustering is a pain...and now, I challenge myself to write a book, i can't imagine the suffering inside my nerve system will be :)). I am not sure if it will be profitable. But I guess, it is worth to try. Maybe not writing a full blown book, somekind of pocket-sized 100-120 pages book is enough. I am not a big fans on thick book with lousy sentences, so I think a small book will be a great start. "How about the fee?" Well, hard to say, but everything is started from "low fee", right? Let's just say, I only bring courage...nothing else, and I think that matters most.

OK, that's it for now...cheers !