02 February 2005

(Another) Dream come true, IBM DeveloperWorks....

Whenever I remember how this is started 4 months ago, I always said to myself "Gee, this article is considered to published on IBM DeveloperWorks where top notch writer and scientist share his/her idea. Maybe they are not God but surely they are among the best on earth !" To be honest, the article wasn't planned to shoot for IBM DeveloperWorks. I was targetting to another online publication but....shortly...maybe it is faith or something, IBM DeveloperWorks editor accepted my idea and I strongly considered it as big challenge.

The article is titled "Build a heterogeneous cluster with coLinux and openMosix". As the title said, it describes about the basic idea and how to create cluster of mixed platform. Here I used coLinux and openMosix as basic "igredients" because those are so far the tools me and Andreas Schaefer (my co-author) know best. Actually, it would be more comprehensive if we took another tool such as openSSI into account but I decide to leave that for now. If I already get sufficient knowledge, maybe I'll come back and do more extensive reserarch about it.

"Co-author you said?" Yes, you read it correctly. This is the first time I write something with another people. His name is Andreas Schaefer and he is (together with his colleague) the one who bring the idea of merging coLinux patch onto openMosix so openMosix can be executed on Windows platform. The first report about the successful test was about 9-10 months ago and it drew my attention quickly. I think "this is a simple but very useful idea so it deserve wider exposure. A well written article will do the work !". So, I asked Andreas whether he was interested and he agreed.

Sadly I am not inside openMosix community anymore so I can't share this joy, but I hope this is still considered as "contribution". I am always happy to share my idea and opinion with anyone , so via this article I hope I can draw more people's attention toward cluster technology and support it in every aspect available.

I also found several small surprises here. I and Andreas Schaefer share same birthday ! :)) Holy cow ! And Andreas said "what? your baptist name is Andreas? So we share same name and same birthday?" :)) At that time, I realize this is another wonderful experience God send to me so I can learn how to work with other people. Maybe God understand the difficulty of writing complex subject with other people so He send me someone who has more or less same thinking with me :))

And the conclusion is? I won't make this IBM article my last writing. Conversely, I will make it as another stepping stone to move into higher stage. And...i won't forget a clumsy words spilled at me 5 years ago "....i am not supposed to talk with people from your country..." Let see, which side is actually SHOULD GET MORE RESPECT, his side or my side?

I dedicate this article for the people of Aceh who had been swept away by Tsunami. I hope they regain their spirit to live normally as I also wrote this article using almost my fullest capability and struggle together with the editor to make it better. Live is too short to be spent for cry or sadness. Work hard, expand your knowledge, do something for others..that will make your live a valuable journey and shine eternally like sun through ages.


Mulyadi Santosa

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