22 February 2005


No, I am not going to talk about Russian emperor or Russian witch
or stuff like that. This is a title of new movie starring Keanu Reeves.
here, Keanu reeves plays as Constantine, a supernatural detective who
work to "send devil back to the place they belong" short...hell :)

The interesting things about Constantine are:
1. He was born with unusual gift. He can see devils in their real form
and communicate with them. Now, if you are 3 years old kid with this
ability, you must be scare to the death looking old women with melted face :)

2. He smokes a lot .... a lot here truly means God damn tons of cigarrette :).
There are many scenes show Constantine cough so badly, perhaps an acute TBC?
Don't worry, Constantine won't die so easily. In fact, if he dies, he can just
call Lucifer to cancel it :)) Now, tell me, is it awesome or what?

3. His weapons...Jesus, cool ! I saw a shotgun with cross shape. The bullets
are filled with some sort of holy water, so it can destroy demons. There is
also a weapon called "Dragon breath", guess spills out fire ! Don't
forget, a steel ring crafted with cross sign, COnstantine wear it on his
knuckles to knock out Balthazar ! Wait, he also bring Bible .... certainly
not to be read in the middle of shooting demons :)))

4. Constantine was committed a suicide when he was young (not sure
how old he was at that time). He died and he should entered hell for his
action. Here, I am not sure, but Constantine back to earth realm in exchange...
well, you can say, a holy send devils back to hell.

Although COnstantine is not an Oscar level movie with awesome storyline,
I must say this movie brings us a different perspective. What kind of
perspective? Perspective that devil and angels are actually far far away
from us, but they bring influence to our life. If you go with angels (let's
assume God is also on angel's side, shall we?), you will approach
salvation. What if you go with devil, certainly you will get near to
self destruction. I personally call it "lock, stock and two smoking barrels"

Another positive message from this movie, everyone deserve second chance.
Maybe you do something really nasty in the past (actually, who doesn't anyway?)
Hey, we are mortals with tons of weakness, right? So, get up, ask for His
forgiveness and go within God's way. "What if I fall again?" OK...are
you so badly injured? I guess not, so get up again and repeat the same
routine. Eventually, you will enter Heaven and peace be with you eternally.
End of story.....

The similarity between me and Constantine? That story will stay with
me 'till the day I die.....

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