10 October 2004

The long journey for designing multi thread engine

Hello there....Kita ketemu lagi !!

Sumpek, kesal, gembira, campur lapar :D itulah the description for my daily activity on Indonesia Army project. Lots of reading PDFs, long hour of boring but challenging experiments, computer crash (oh yes, that's fuckin "Don't send" message box makes me sick). "For what?" you say? Guess what, to design "near" real time multi thread engine....imagine that...doing such a work on Windows...holy shit. Masih mending kalo di QNX atau VxWorks....

But man got to do what man got to do...jadi gue santap aja nih kerjaan. Lama2x gue nyikat semua area sulit di project...tapi bayaran statis :D apesnya gue......

Blom lagi masalah2x personal antar member di project. Hard to tell you, but one thing I know, it is as complex as labyrinth. Not to mention catchin deadline.....rearranging work priorities....discussin stuff with the local army stuff....phiewwww....

OK, looks like I need to get off today....i'll see u guys tomorrow...if I am still "alive" :DDD


Mulyadi aka The Hydra

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