30 September 2004

Debate with an old friend from Israel....

Judul diatas bukan berarti saya sentimen dengan orang Israel......kebetulan saja postingnya di milis openMosix general bikin saya bertanya-tanya dan mau marah...

Wonder what kind of sentences that brought me such an anger? here they comes:

Tulisan saya dimulai langsung tanpa tanda '>' diawal baris
Tulisan "rekan" saya Dr Moshe Bar diawali dengan '>' diawal baris.....

[begin of the mail]

From: "Mulyadi-Santosa"
Subject: Re: [openMosix-general] OpenMosix vs OpenSSI
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 13:56:05 +0700

Hello everybody

>thread migration will never ever achieve achievable performance, because by their >very nature they will have lots of true sharing which is impossible to overcome.

true....but IMO if you move group of thread altogether, it is still worth to try...

>migshm can be part of openMsoix within the next 2 or 3 months if users test it >enough.

what is the real constraint for stress test so we can all agree that "this is enough"? we never agree 100% about it....

>OpenSSI migrates all at once and therefore is unusable for large processes. OpenSSI >does not have much of their code, they take code from us, from GFS and others. It's >an integration project rather than a true development project.

Agree, but AFAIK integration too takes medium to big effort.....have you ever think how much effort on mixing two or more things to work together that is naturally have its own paradigm, mechanism, etc etc?

>Kerrighed is interesting, but very slow.

any real data?

>if you want to do real, no non-sense HPC today, go with openMosix. We have a big >community of users, lots of add-ons and some of the very brightest developers.

Please define what do you call by "non sense"? "useless"? "just theoritical"? "obsolete"? or else? pardon me if my English is so bad that I can't even understand that sentence a bit even with my logic fully attached on my left and right brain....

About brightest......gee, you want to say that you are the brightest man on Earth? I saw your discussion with Aneesh Kumar of HP USA and it seems you just quit in the middle of discussion.....bad Internet link maybe?

And, let me recall.....if you send this kind of e-mail again, i won't bother to remind you.....even if openMosix community is collapse...i won't take a damn care anymore...


Netkuis Instan untuk wilayah Bandung (kode area 022) - SD,SMP,SMA
Berhadiah total puluhan juta rupiah... periode I dimulai 1 April 2004

[end of the mail]

Silahkan anda posting komentar, apakah saya cuma babon bulukan yang asal cuap, emosional, atau gmn...whatever...silahkan post !!

NB: abis sejenak happy gue karena dapet target cewek bandung, ganti emosi ama si Moshe ini...sial....




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